Friday, February 22, 2008

Green Trail Horse

Today, I decided to ride with Lynn and Nancy with Gemini. We met at Sharptail Ridge and it turned out to be quite muddy. It was too hard to get a good ride in, so we reloaded horses to try another trail nearby. Lynn decided to bail, so Nancy and I rode at Chatfield for a couple of hours.

Gemini was worried and he called out quite a bit. After a couple of hours riding at Chatfield, he was finally settled and walking like a decent trail horse. He never bucked or acted out, he just did a lot of calling. I know if I'd had one of my mares with us, he would have been fine. I have to take him more on the trail. He will make a great trail horse after more rides like today. Today was very successful! I like that horse a lot. He can go in any direction, really.

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