Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm Not So Bad...

,I've been battling some sort of stomach flu so I haven't ridden in two days (GASP!). There is a slight twitch in my left eye, but I'm sure it will go away today when I ride one of my horses. Yesterday, I spent time convincing Z that I'm not so bad. I walked out, haltered her, treated her, then unhaltered her and walked away. She stared at me like, "Uhhh, where you goin?". I waited 30 mins then did it again. I never have any trouble catching Z, but lately I've noticed her watching the way I approach the pasture and deciding if she should stick around or not. She can tell the difference between my "I'm coming to feed you" walk and my "I'm coming to catch you" walk. So, obviously, I need to shake things up and confuse her a little. She can also tell when I'm doing my "I've just hooked on the trailer" walk. She sees me futzing with the trailer and she takes a nice liesurely stroll to the farthest spot in the pasture away from me. Cute? A little. I usually then take a deep breath with a long exhale and promise myself to do more quiet time with her.

I also spent some time with Rain. She wants to be with me more than any other horse. She loves to just hang around and will often choose me over the herd. I put Kendall on her and led her around a bit and just spent time.

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