Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stop it, Pony!!

Today, it was supposed to snow. I looked outside and it was sunny. Spring fever took over me like a warm summer breeze and I became determined to get a ride on my L3 mare and pony another. I called my neighbor to see if she wanted to join and Voila! The ride was on.

I barely did an ounce of groundwork before hopping on Zarah and grabbing Gemini. Not like me, but I was in a hurry to cover the most miles possible and get back to work at a decent time. I trotted and cantered my steeds up to pick up Marcy and we were off down the trail in no time. Here's where things got interesting...

Zarah does not much like being used to pony other horses. She doesn't like other horses that close to her. Gemini is easily bored and likes to punk around and cause trouble. It was a bad combo. Zarah has become accustomed to Rain being the pony-horse and we do well with that combo. We'd never tried the Zarah/Gemini deal and it was quite a deal.

Gemini likes to rub his head on my leg, the saddle, the reins, Zarah's neck... Zarah doesn't know why Gemini keeps following her and keeps giving him the mare-glare to get him out of her space. She'll even bear her teeth at him and reach over with the threat to bite. Repeatedly. So, here we are - Gemini rubs his face, Zarah reaches over to bite him, I remind Zarah that I'm in charge by moving her to the side, Gemini tries to rub his face on us again, Zarah reaches to bite him, and so on and so on. At times, she would get especially pissed and go to kick him. I think she got him once. He's the leader in her herd and he really didn't care - he wanted his faced rubbed. My wrists both hurt after 8 miles of THAT!

Zarah also did not want to walk today. She's feeling good and wanted to move out. We cantered a little, but mainly trotted the whole way. We finished 8 miles in 90 mins. Not bad time at all. Tomorrow, Z gets the day off and I'm taking Rain to ride with Lynn and Nancy. Just like old times.

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