Friday, March 27, 2009

Pulling kids in the snow!

I busted out of work early today, tacked up Rain, and tied a sled to my 22' line. Then, I made sure Rain would be ok pulling sled. After she seemed confident, I gave the kids the "go ahead" to hop on the sled and I pulled them all over at various speeds! Delaney even tried to snowboard behind us, looking a lot like a waterskier. At times, his board would get stuck in the snow and he'd go face first into the snow. It was very funny! Kendall was only happy when I asked Rain to canter.

I've got video and pics to post. It was cold out, but so fun mixing horses into winter play with the kids.

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Alice said...

How awesomely fun!!! Great pictures. Here in Florida it is summer already and I forget there is still snow in the real world.