Thursday, March 26, 2009

Using Rain for Transportation

I had a little time and some letters to mail, so I tacked up Rain and grabbed my letters and cantered her to the mailbox. :-) Our mailbox is about 1/2 mile away, so we normally do it in the car on the way in or out. But today, I decided to make "real" use of my horse and actually accomplish a task.

I dropped off my letters, put up the flag so the mailman would know, and took the mail that was in there for us already. Then, I asked her to gait home at a fast clip. I was smiling the whole way. Rain is my favorite horse and she has a great 4-beat gait that is a blast to ride.

We were back pretty fast (after all, it was only a mile long ride) and I still had daylight for manure management and feeding. Before I hopped off, we practiced more bridleless sideways and she is moving so beautifully of my lightest suggestion. Love HER!


Alice said...

Manure management - I love that. Don't know much about horses yet, but one day a week I am an Equine Sanitation Engineer!! :-)

Tia Jones said...

And today I forced the whole family to come out and help me recover from blizzard manure!! That's the insane amount of manure in the stalls after the horses spend a day or two inside avoiding the snow and cold wind. :-)