Sunday, July 26, 2009

Attempt at finishing Instructor App Video

Steve had committed to helping me get the final video bits done. We have a short list left before I go into full-blown video edit mode. I've still got to capture the freestyle section, 3 patterns on a casual rein, and some bareback riding and online.

We warmed up some, but our on online was definitely a little lack-luster. I made the mistake of using the 45' but then playing in an area too small to support that length. Then, Z was lacking energy and I was trying to bring her life up w/o causing her to get introverted. We got some nice things, but I think we could do better. I always think we can do better - hence the misery of video taping. I rarely think it's good enough. I just recently decided to get the freestyle video in the mail for L3 that I did a month ago. I want perfection. There's no such thing.

I imagine my Freestyle vid will pass level 3. Then, I can focus on L4. The thought of passing L4 is very exciting and motivating! I also need to pick a competition and get out there with my horse to see how we compare to others. Ok, I digress...

So, we did some liberty, too. It was just fun stuff. I'm teaching Z to spin when I spin. Right now, I'm only getting a change of direction when I spin. That's ok - it's a positive response and we'll develop it quickly, I'm sure. Also, I'm working hard on getting her to show exhuberance. She's more playful than ever and I think it's a direct reflection of my horsemanship improving. I'm getting better at having fun and being less serious - probably one of my biggest challenges.

We did some bareback filming, just a little as the ask on the application was to just show a little. Then, we went to do some patterns in the arena - specifically, we must show figure 8, cloverleaf and bullseye. Well, Miss Z had tons of energy to spare and I was having a hard time getting her to trot and not canter. We did PPL at the canter for several minutes, hoping she'd think slowing down would be ok. We finally started to get the trot consistently and I decided to quit there. We'd been at it for hours and she'd found a nice relaxed place to be. I guess I should be surprised since we hadn't ridden in 6 days and the weather was cooler.

I'll post some of the video moments asap. For now, I'm the video editor until I get this application submitted. Maybe we can get the freestyle and patterns done tomorrow.

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