Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trail riding with Rain and good friends

Haven't trail ridden with my old riding group in quite some time. Today I caught up with two of my greatest friends, Lynn and Nancy. We went to Cherry Creek and rode for about 2 hours, mostly at a trot. It was fun! The weather was "iffy", but the clouds stayed over the sun and never dumped rain on us. I was grateful for the break from the hard core sun of July. I'm not much for the crazy heat.

I took Rain so I wouldn't have anything to worry about. Z gets worried in the trailer alone and sometimes kicks out on the trail, Gem isn't ready and Cowboy feels like Chrissy's project for the moment. So, I took my favorite mount - Miss Rain. I gave her a quick trim before we left, too. She was great, as always. She was gaiting beautifully!

When we got home, I found her with her leg stuck in the hay net. Doh! I went to set her leg free, but she wanted to leave the trailer. It happened fast, but she tried to walk off before I could free her leg and landed on her side. What's funny is she just got up and went on her way. She wasn't worried or panicked or anything. I asked her to go back into the trailer and she was fine with that idea. She's a brave horse that doesn't have much RB behavior at all.

I was hoping to get home and ride Z and more transition practice, but I needed to get some kid time. I finished trimming Cowboy, then went for the tramp with Kendall and Delaney. A great day of kids and horses. Trying to not think about Monday morning... Blech.

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