Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lazy Sunday...

I had the day to myself. I had no kids, no husband and the weather was decent. But for some reason, I just didn't feel like developing horses. I wanted to be with them, but I just wanted to chill out. I've been pushing hard to get video done and I think I've pushed myself to a point where I just need a break.

I edited video - I have a ton of video to get through so that I can submit for L3 Freestyle and the Instructor class. I have a freestyle vid ready, just needs some music. The instructor vid needs more editing. I need to get them sent off and done. I just don' t feel great about them - I think we can do better and it's hard to not put my best show out there. It's also extremely hard to get our best show filmed!

Anyway, I went out just about the time Chrissy showed up. It was a good thing - I can coach her and just hang out with my horse vs. trying to develop me or my horse. She was ready for a riding lesson! So, she tacked up and we went to the arena. I did a couple little things with Z, but mainly we just hung out. Chrissy mounted and started with passenger lesson at the walk. She's developing her independent seat and also better communication with Cowboy. After a while, she was asking him for trot and building up her confidence. He was being very good for her and I felt completely comfortable with how she was doing. I helped her with her rein position and feeling in charge.

I put a bareback pad on Z so we could practice some bareback in the arena while Chrissy rode. We practiced the cloverleaf pattern a little bareback cantering. Z and I are in a great place right now. We're getting some great things and our relationship is strong.

Chrissy rode for 1.5 hours! She was breathing, smiling and feeling good. Very proud of her! She'll be able to trot for 21 mins as a passenger soon. It's not a task anymore for the program, but it's a very important step to take for good riding. Also, she'll need to start developing her follow the rail pattern.

Good stuff!

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