Friday, November 6, 2009

Closing down a rough week

Phew! Survived it! Hubby was out of town all week and I played "single mom" for 7 days. By day 4, I was developing a twitch in my left eye from not riding a horse for son long. I decided to take Friday off of work to start filling my horsey time bucket. I have hooves to trim, wounds to tend to and horses to train. Luckily, my sister helps so much with the chores - the barn was under control.

Rio's wound is looking much better. It's going to need a few more weeks to close up all the way, but there's not really risk of infection anymore. The stitches came out easily (about 9 of them) and didn't hold very great after about 6 days. They were worth it, the wound got a jump start on the road to healing with the stitches. I think he'll be ready for an easy ride this weekend.

I promised Kendall I'd pick her up from her bus stop with horses so we could ride home together. I took Z and Rain (ponied Z) to her bus stop and waited while the horses grazed. That just made her day!! I put her backpack on my back and off we went. She was all smiles.

Z's face wound is looking better. I managed to get it cleaned up (which she HATED!) and put a lot of ointment on it for healing. It should be better in another week or two. For now, no bits. Rope halter or bridleless only. I took her into the arena and we did about 30 mins of passenger lesson at the trot and canter. I'm so confident with her now, I don't need ever need head gear for her - which is so nice. Her disengagement with just my leg pressure is fantastic! We are also working on backing up with no rhythm in my legs. I want her to feel me sit back and lift my knees and start quickly going backward. I have to make my phase 4 very effective. We got some nice backing moments.

Chrissy came into the arena with Cowboy while Z and I were finishing up. I helped find an even softer lateral flexion response from Cowboy. She's feeling fearful, so just did a few things. After flexion, I tried to help find a softer backup response. Perhaps knowing she has great brakes will help her feel more confident. I suggested she just focus on the backup and the flexion getting softer and softer and not worry about anything else until she's confident she can lead him with confidence. I think if she feels like she's always in charge, her fear will be less potent.

Afterwards, I got Rain's front hooves trimmed - I left her heel too high when I trimmed her last and it was really bugging me. I also got one of Cowboy's front hooves trimmed. The hay was going out when I started trimming and he was quite agitated to be tied up with me futzing with his feet while the hay went out. So, I finished one and set the boy free. :-)

Busy weekend ahead - Tina's first trail ride Sunday, hind feet trimming for Tina and Nina, teach Rain to lay down, ride Gemini and continue L3 online with him, ride Nina with a bit, see how KK feels riding Rio slowly in the round pen, Z - trailer confidence. I also want to work on my "Herd of Two Horses" list - a compilation of all the things a horse can do if he's been in training with me. It will consist of everything I think is foundationally paramount to a horse succeeding a human world.

Oh - got kitties for the barn! They are the cutest and meanest little things! We can't pet them. Oh well, hopefully they'll be catching mice soon.

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Alice said...

Hey, I heard you'll be typing more slowly for a little while. . . I'm so sorry. :-( Hoping it heals super-quickly!