Sunday, November 15, 2009

Moving on... Single-handed!

After about three days in bed, I couldn't take it anymore. I just had to go to the barn.I spent several days thinking about all of the things that I can account for the horses with one arm. I can do work at liberty, I can work on desensitizing, create more draw, improve the catching game, undemanding time... my only limit is my imagination.

It's definitely easier to think about the things I can do with my horses then thinking about the things to do with the horses here in training. I feel differently about the horses that are here in training. I can develop things on a much deeper level with my horses because they're here forever. The horses here in training are only here for a limited time. I have to give them the best that I can in a short period. It's about giving them the best foundation that someone else can take to the next level. I want them solid. I want them confident to learn and confident with humans. I want them asking questions trying to give answers.

I decided my best move was to make sure my arm is as stable as possible before I move things forward. On Monday the 16th, I'll get the cast for my arm and that will give me more stability. I'm also thinking to get Chrissy involved and let her be my other arm. For Tina, I'll be focusing on building her confidence by desensitizing with various objects and asking her to touch and explore scary things. I also want to build her catching game. For Nina, I'll wait till I'm better. Nina is fine growing and learning in the herd, and not getting my attention right now.

For Gemini, there is a ton I can do. Largely, I can focus on level III liberty. We have a lot of work to do there. And really if I can get his draw very strong, we'll be well on our way. For he and I, a lot of the work is in building the relationship. For Zarah, I want to build more trick training and increase our general bond. For Rain, it's time to take tricks to a new place. She so motivated and so ready to do more. I want to teach her to lay down with a hand cue.

For Tina, I'm hoping I can get Chrissy to help me desensitize her flank area with flank ropes and cinches. I'm feeling very positive and I'm determined to not let this setback bring me down. I'm going to use this time to develop my imagination. And focus on some of the games that maybe don't get enough attention when I'm well and riding. It's only a few more weeks and we'll be back in action.

To keep things interesting, I'm working on all that's required to get the indoor arena built. There are things like financing, permits, project details, bids for work to prepare for the installation, etc. I'm also hoping that the horses feet can go for five more weeks so I can trim them myself. I have a backup trimmer to call if I need to but I like to just do that myself.

On Saturday, I spent a little time with Zarah, teaching her to do the Spanish walk from zone two. When I lift my leg, she lifts her leg. It's cute and fun, and it's an easy for her to feel like she's doing the right thing. She's never wrong. She knows how to do the Spanish walk from zone one, and when I'm back in the saddle that's our next place. Spanish walk from the saddle. Should be a breeze with all of the ground prep work we'll have done.

Horses are getting along well, the herd is settled. One week down to five weeks to go. I'm back to doing horse chores with my one arm and I'm about to do a whole lot more while wearing this cast. It's good to be back in the barn.

For tracking: Kris trimmed Tina's hinds for me today.

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