Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pics of Tina in the herd (for you Nanni!)

Nina has gotten along nicely with this little QH gelding named Rio. He's only here for a couple months, but she really bonded to him quickly. Cute!

Here, several from the herd are soaking up the warm Colorado sun. I like to see Nina feel safe resting while the others stand guard. Rio is closest to her, Cowboy is my sister's gray and Abby is behind him. Abby is the mare that Tina has buddied with since early on.

This is a nice shot she and Rio. Rio is covered in mud! The snow is melting too fast for the ground to absorb, so it's been a slosy, muddy weekend.

This is just such a nice shot of her laying alone. My sister gets great pictures! I love this one. I can almost imagine her snoring - she seems so relaxed and peaceful.


Alice said...

Enjoyed the pictures!!

Sounds like the guys are having a good time at the PASS Summit.

Tia Jones said...

Thanks, Alice. And yep, Steve is having a great time! I'm struggling w/o him, tough. No horse time! Arrgghhh!

Horsemanship said...

the pictures you have shown are awesome.thanks for sharing it images of horses.