Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flank rope work and liberty

My arm is healing and I'm missing the horses!! I decided to ask Chrissy to give me a hand. I started with Gemini, playing at liberty. We had a great liberty session! His lead by the tail is great now. His draw is strong and he's coming in at the trot. We're working on spins and COD's- which are very fun with Gem. Allow on the circle is progressing, too. I'm having a great time with him.

Then, I wanted to play with Tina. The main goal: desensitize the flank area. I used a flank rope (my 22') to apply pressure to the flank, ready to loosen it when she relaxed even the slightest bit. Chrissy had the 12' lead and we asked to circle us together. We started at the girth area and moved the flank rope back as we progressed. Her flank area was super sensitive! We played with this for about 45 mins and had a drastic improvement by the end. I was so pleased with her progress.

We spent some time relaxing int the round pen, rewarding ourselves with relaxation and soak time. Seemed like Tina's hardest lesson yet. Glad we figured this out and we're getting it fixed. Next I'll be sure she can handle ropes around her legs - another critical lesson!

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