Saturday, December 19, 2009


After 7 weeks, I got on a horse today. My lovely Zarah. Oh, wow. How I love horses and seeking partnership with them. Oh, oh, oh... My passion is alive and well. I was slightly worried that I'd have some fear after the bad wreck, but not at all. Not the slightest bit. So, tomorrow, I'll focus on Tina and Gem and I'm getting my L3 Freestyle done. My goal is the end of January. I shouldn't need that long, but who knows what the weather will do and the days are so short.

Z left the property with me w/o any fuss after some warm up in the play area. My arm is still crippled and it's tough to do good groundwork. But she was just like I left her 7 weeks ago. What a fantastic thing! I rode to the gate, then around the 20 acres in front. We took it slow, a nice walk with lots of halt and back transitions. We can't practice those enough.

I got some barn things done and had hay delivered. Tomorrow I need to do more manure management and drag the round pen with the new rascal spikes. The work is never done, but I'm just thrilled to be back.

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