Monday, December 14, 2009

Groundworking 3

Gem - played at liberty and got some nice stuff!! Transitions on the circle and flying lead changes are looking great. He doesn't maintain gait in the canter well yet. Had a fun session!

Zarah - just worked a little online - mainly trailer loading and being in the trailer with confidence. She loads great. She doesn't want to stay in there though. Worked on her being very confident about the panel closing on her and staying facing forward.

Tina - driving from zone 5! Played using a surcingle since my arm is unable to be very effective. I used a rope halter and really need to use a bridle and snaffle. She tried very hard, but the halter knot was too far back to give her a clear idea of what I wanted. It was a a good session regardless. Before the driving, got some very nice figure 8's on the 22. She just needs me to have two working arms to do much more.

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