Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More fun in the snow!

Well, it's cold for sure. And there's plenty of snow on the ground. But, I'm getting my butt out there anyway!

I started with Z. More trailer loading confidence, then to the arena for some bridleless practice. We did the question box and after a little warming up with corners and FTR, we did canter to back up transitions with the question box. I did about 5 in each direction, with 3 canter - backup transitions on each circle. She was awesome! She had spunk and life and responsiveness. I think she finds that quick work to be fun. She's so fast and when she comes out of the halt straight to the canter, she feels like a cannonball shooting out of a cannon. It's very cool.

Then, I played with Miss Tina. I'm doing more driving and asked Chrissy to assist with more obstacle stimulation. First, we further developed her willingness to bridle. I am searching for a horse that seeks the bridle, not avoids it. I want her to accept the bit like she accepts the halter. I put it on, take it off, repeatedly and all the while use the halter to keep her head low and in a partnership position. She's doing very well.

Then, we warmed up and went to work on more tarp fun. She proved that she's ready to move on from the tarp. Chrissy shook it around forward, walked toward Tina with it held high, then I put the tarp all over her and covered her up. She's passed this test with flying colors - next stop, the umbrella!

I also started trotting in zone 5. Up until now, it's been a lot of walking. I think it's time to remove the surcingle. My arm is strong enough and she's got the idea of what I'm asking. Next time, we'll go w/o it.

Before the barn time was over, I checked Nina's hind foot for progress with her scratches. It's actually much better after just 2 days! I'm very pleased. I applied a topical solution of White Lightening and we'll see how it looks tomorrow.

I'm also itching to get back on Tina. It's time - she's ready. Maybe after the next ski trip - we leave Saturday for 4 days.

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