Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dental work

Frustrating since I haven't ridden much yet in April, but today I bypassed a riding opportunity to trailer the horses to a very special equine dentist. After having an equine dental student look in a couple of my horses mouths, it made perfect sense to take the opportunity to get them to this dentist.

I hauled 4 horses (my 3 plus Cowboy) to get a "natural" float. This dentist does not use power tools. He carefully hand rasps the teeth and pays special attention to balancing the horses mouth. Z had very limited movement due to bad floats in the past. The others just needed routine dental work but Z had an overhaul.

He explained to me that I should expect a drastic change in her way of going. Her range of motion with her head and neck will be better and she will be feeling much better in general. I'm looking forward to seeing/feeling a change!

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