Saturday, April 10, 2010

Everybody plays!!

Nina and Loma - spent time getting Nina ready to go to her new home with Loma at the training barn. I played with Nina and we did some filming for her sale vid, then we did a lunge line lesson with Loma riding. Nina did great and Loma got to feel her wonderful gaits. I was proud of Nina! She's been a great student and partner. I trimmed Nina too, so she'd be ready to wait a few weeks for her new trimmer to get to her.

Z and Rain, KK and me - we hit an 8 mile trail ride first thing in the morning. It was a great ride until about mile 6 when Kendall's jeans started to chafe. I think she's finally convinced that jeans are not good long-rider's gear. :-) We went later to a shop for 3 new pairs of riding pants. She's a happy camper.

Gem at liberty - had an amazing session with Gem at liberty! Very cool! We started in the big arena with him showing off and running around. He would then come trotting into me (marvelous!). Then, in the 60ft round pen, we played with COD, cantering until asked to do otherwise, stick to me and other cool stuff. He loves liberty!

Tina - flagging and flinching - I had intended to hop on Tina, but she was not ready for mounting. She was flinchy, even during grooming. I kept thinking it must be the wind. The wind was blowing and gusting up to 40mph at times. I played with her and started to mount her for a ride. When I put my foot in the stirrup, my boot hit her under belly near the girth and she jumped sideways a few feet. So, I decided I wasn't going to hop on, but work on building more bravery. I got her used to my foot going into the stirrup various ways - to help her get used to sloppy mounting. That went well. Then I decided to use the flag to build up some more confidence. For a horse that I've taught to wear a tarp, she did not want a single thing to do with that flag. Although, I doubt she would manage a tarp in that wind either. We spent a good hour getting better at understanding that the flag would not be her demise. She got better and better until she could trot around with the flag in the saddle. Good girl! It was a great way to end it. The next calm day should be the day for riding.

Cowboy and Chrissy - hind feet: Chrissy was having some trouble with Cowboy's hinds. He was making her nervous when she asked him to pick up the hinds for picking. I gave her some tips and she was on her way. She played with her horse for a while, too. He wasn't interested in kicking up his hills in the arena like she thought he would, and I think they had a good session.

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