Sunday, April 4, 2010

A sore back and groundwork

Played with Gem, Tina. Coached Chrissy for some time with Cowboy.

Tina was great with the groundwork. She's telling me she's ready for more advancement. So, we worked on squeeze over the barrels from a stand still. I also asked her to stand on the pedestal with all 4 and then we played with loading into a 2-horse straight load trailer. She surprised me by getting into the trailer within 5-10 mins. For a sensitive horse, she showed so much sensibility today. Maybe the most I've ever seen. I would have liked to put some riding time in with her, but my back is very sore from a muscle spasm I've had the past few days. I should be able to mount up tomorrow. She's ready for the next level.

Gemini - I used Gem to demo some things I wanted to get Chrissy playing with. We did some on-line "cutting", asking our horses to get light on the fore and go back and forth. Gem actually enjoyed this! It was cool. I'd like to get it on video. Cowboy and Chrissy did well, too! We focused on being in charge of the front feet. I really wanted to ride but my back told me I needed another day for my back muscle to relax. Gem and I then did some liberty work and he was so fun!! I really think he was enjoying himself. Pretty cool. We started flc's and transition to back up. I'm going to start one-rein riding with him and focus on getting him settled and more trusting with a mount. He's ready.

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