Friday, April 9, 2010

Trail time, Tina and Trimming

Good day! Started with some time with Tina. I wanted to see how she felt about things after yesterday. She was still very sensitive, but much less than yesterday. We squeezed and developed more sideways. We also played with COD some. I didn't have time to do more. I was glad to see her not so sensitive and looking forward to a full day tomorrow with horses and some good time with Tina.

Then moved on to a trail ride with Kendall. We had a very fun ride! We trotted the bulk of the ride and did a bunch of cantering. I'm trying to help Kendall find her seat in the canter. She's still a little stiff, but so darn cute! Her posting in the trot has come a long way and she's got great rhythm now. We had to boogie back because the sun was nearly gone by the end of our ride and she was begging me to race her and Rain. I declined! The girl has the need for speed.

Z was a great partner and she was happy to walk when I asked and even happier to move out when we were ready. She wanted to canter off and I kept thinking about DE telling me to canter her for 30 mins longer than she wants to. I wonder if I took her on the trail and let her canter, how long would she go before stopping? I've very curious and I may take her to Sharptail - the perfect trail for finding out.

Finished with trimming Nina. She moves out on Sunday and I want to make sure she goes with her feet in good shape in case she doesn't get a trimmer looking at her feet for a few weeks.

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