Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chores and the New L3

I had manure everywhere. I just had to get that picked up. I've been wanting tires to make some pedestals. I just had to get that going. I had lots to do and it seems like it was our last nice day to get things done. So, I was chore-girl today. Blech.

Found 4 nice big, wide tires. Filled with manure and sand and Voila! A pedestal! I asked Z to stand on it and she sunk to the coronary band. Doh! Need to put something else in there to support the weight of a horse.

Then, I had my new L3 self-assessment list and we got started. We can do most things on the list pretty well. I taught my horse to lead by the mane and move with me (though, not sure if I'm doing that one right). We started working on jumping a single barrel on it's side - Z is the queen of last minute avoidance! We worked more on stick with me at all speeds and then in the large arena I asked her to trot with me. That was great. Asked her to canter with me and she was gone like the wind! Made me laugh.

I know she'd be fine in the round pen, so time for us to challenge ourselves more with the large arena. I haven't done much ground work with Z since we finished all our taping for L3. It was kind of fun to get back to doing things.

I'll get my pedestal right and then we can start playing with 4 feet on the pedestal. We also have to start getting sideways towards going. Most everything else is achievable. However, I believe this audition is going to be a lot about the relationship and I imagine they'll be watching my horse's expression a lot.

We'll see...

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