Monday, February 23, 2009

Passed L3 Online!!

I'm very excited to say that I have officially passed L3 Online. I submitted my videos about 6 weeks ago and passed the 3 remaining tasks of Liberty but did not get any notification on Online. I then learned that was because I did not pass Online. So, I was very disappointed to learn that way (by investigating and asking questions via email). I would have expected my submission to include some indication of what I'd passed and what I'd need to go further develop with my horse partner. However, I got nothing.

After a couple days of thinking it through and processing what I felt I deserved, I wrote an email asking that my submission be reviewed again and feedback provided. I was respectful and tried to just explain that I put a lot of effort in and felt a deserved a little more in return.

Lo and behold, they reviewed my submission and passed me on the whole savvy! So, did they not watch it the first time? Did they just pass so they could keep a high spending dedicated student like me around? Do I care? Maybe a little.

Anyway, I have Freestyle left to do and I'll be officially a L3 grad and a L4 student. Way to go, ME!


Alice said...

Hi Tia, We've never met, but my husband Jack is working some with Andy Warren here in FL and has met Steve.
I'm horseless but I do barn work in exchange for hunter-jumper lessons. I'm not familiar with Parelli but I've read Monty Roberts and have seen round-penning. I love to try to communicate with horses, and I look forward to following your blog.

Tia Jones said...

Hi Alice! Monty Roberts is a fantastic horseman who's done some great things for horses. I'm having an amazing time on my horsemanship journey using natural horsemanship. Enjoy!