Saturday, February 7, 2009

A tough day

A little bit of getting over not passing L3 Online, mixed with hormonal tides, topped with work creeping in on vacation and a sprinkling of intense wind... not one of my better days. Instead of torturing horses, I cleaned up and caught up on chores, read up on the new Parelli Pathways and tried to get my head right. About 2pm, I was ready to get some horses moving.

I decided to hit the trail with Rain and Cowboy. It was a great ride and helped to cheer me up. I wanted to switch at some point so both would get ridden, but I just wasn't in the mood to hop off and move my saddle to Cowboy. So, lucky Rain carried my butt the whole way. She became a little spooky about 1/2 into the ride and I'm not sure if it was the wind or the setting sun or what. She was a little more extroverted, which I enjoy. She was moving out so nicely. Cowboy was a good boy and played his part as the pony horse well.

We did 8 miles with lots of cantering. I spend more and more time with Rain feeling of my body and barely ever using my reins. She's great with go and whoa, we need to build more clarity around direction. I'm not using my reins, I use my stick - but I don't feel her responding well to my body cues for direction.

She was extra pacey today, too. I'll check her hoof balance tomorrow. Cowboy needs to get a trim, too.

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