Sunday, February 22, 2009

Riding Rain at Spruce Meadows

Marcy and I headed out in the trailer today with Rain and Joker. We went to Spruce Meadows and I want to go figure out how many miles we did. It was awesome!! My Rain girl had spunk and wanted to move out. I was working on riding her bridleless, so I was using my carrot stick and tied my reins off onto my saddle. They were there when I needed them, but I tried hard to not use them. We did great and I cantered her with no reins a lot of the time. We really moved out and went pretty fast. We stopped and walked some, but we mainly were at least trotting or gaiting. I loved it! We rode for about 4 hours.

Marcy is a good riding partner and we talked about an endurance ride in the spring. She's a little worried about it, but I promised to take care of her. :-) Her horse will be awesome at it. Which horse will I prepare? Rain? Cowboy? Not Z, not now. She's assigned to partnering through L3 with me and I can't do both with her. She'll hate me if I try. She hates me enough at this moment. I'm doing horse-human relationship repair with Miss Z.

It was a great day devoted to fun times with Rain. Just like old times.

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