Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to groundwork with Tina!

And what a great session it was! We upped our friendly game, with vigorous spinning and swatting with my stick and string. It took some time for her to realize that was ok and to pay attention to my body and my ask, not my stick. I got some beautiful sideways from her, nice maintain gait on the circle and we played with touch it by asking her to stand on the bridge and the tire. She started out worried, she ended calm and accepting - love it. I promised Steve I wouldn't ride her before our trip to the Caribbean (tomorrow), but when I get back... She's ready to go and so am I.

Chrissy pulled Cowboy out for a bit. I was glad to see it since she's been coming and helping for a couple months but not spending much time with her boy. The weather has sucked and I understand that. Soon, the days will be warmer and longer and she'll be back at it. It was cute watching her try to remember how to get positive responses from Cowboy. Seems Kris is thinking to start playing with Parelli. It might be tough for them to both play with one horse, but I'm sure if the desire is there, they can sort it out. Maybe Cowboy will get some good development this year. I hope mostly that Chrissy and Cowboy cover some miles together - it will be so good for her to realize she can.

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