Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lessons, Riding and New Pads

Great day today! I woke up with plans that got completely changed, but got much done with horses. I was going to ride at Saddle Up with some friends and use their indoor arena. Turned out that there were several in the indoor arena so I didn't go. It was too nice of a day for indoor arena riding anyway. :-)

I started off giving a lesson to one of my boarders on her horse. We started with a lunge line lesson, and ended with teaching a soft backup. She's got a great horse who's a fantastic learner. Rio is seeking a leader and I think I can help her be that for him. Rio was quite relaxed and easy going throughout the lesson. She also got Gem trimmed before she left. It's a good situation of trading trims for some board.

Then, I got Z and tried the new CSI pad with my english saddle. She seemed comfortable in it!! I was pleasantly surprised! It didn't slip or move at all after riding at all gaits. I could feel the shock absorbtion and cushioning when I posted and also in the canter. We rode circles and then did some canter departs focusing on getting the correct lead. I like my english saddle, so I give that pad more time. There was a little bit of hair ruffling under the mid section of her back. She's a tough horse to fit and I may try some shims.

After Z, I grabbed Gem for some groundwork. I focused on COD, transitions on line and stick to me game. He did very well! Tomorrow, I want to ride him and start focusing on our dressage work for the upcoming show season. I really want to see how he does at a show. First we need to get our movements down. He can get a little lazy with the circle so I will need to build up my seat connection and teaching him to feel the speed I'm asking for from my seat.

A great day of horse and student development. Tomorrow, Tina and more with Z.

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