Friday, January 29, 2010

Groundwork and some fun in the moonlight

Tina - did some nice groundwork with Tina today. We focused on the figure 8, sideways, all games, and extreme friendly. Extreme friendly is better all the time. I've also been getting her more confident with her ears being handled. I want to know she can have her ear hair clipped confidently. She is very sensitive about her ears and I assume she had ear mites or some other ear critter that gave her issues in the past. I'm trying to decide when it's time to get back on and continue riding development. I'd like my arm to be completely healed and I'd like to progress her groundwork to L3.

Gemini - we did some fantastic groundwork today. He was full of energy and exuberance! He started doing some rearing when we changed directions and I found it humorous. He's slow and methodical about it. The moon was rising behind us and Chrissy started snapping pictures. It seemed like a good idea to snap some shots of him rearing with the moon behind him. He's such a powerful boy. So now, I've taught him to rear and I expect there will come a time when I wish I hadn't, but hey, it's all part of the journey. I had a blast with it. Afterward ,we played some at liberty in the big arena. I was very impressed that he only left me once and we played all 7 games with energy! He's very cool. That was the best session I've had with him in a long time!

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