Thursday, January 7, 2010

Keeping up with trims

A friend, who is also a barefoot trimmer, has been helping me out with trims while I recover from my arm injury. Today, we managed to get Tina, Rain, and Rio trimmed.

Tina's feet were a mess when she get here. She's now been here 3 1/2 months and they are really coming along nicely. The front left is very flat, the white line is very stretched and her quarters really want to flare. She also has a spot where the hoof wall on the left rear was very damaged. That spot has now grown to the ground and by next trim it will be gone. Her front right is nicely shaped now and in 2-3 more trims she'll have all new feet. Cool to watch her hooves transform.

Rain got complimented for her feet. She has incredible hooves with zebra stripes and they are strong! Her hooves are just a nice example of years of barefoot and proper trimming can do. She's a fantastic horse.

She trimmed her horse, Rio as well.

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