Thursday, April 28, 2011

An easy ride with my mares

Wanted to meet at Hidden Mesa, but Z couldn't handle the solo trailering. I planned to then bring Rain and help Z with her trailering concerns and decided to load Z first, then Rain. I futzed with that for another 20 minutes and finally loaded Rain first and Z second.

I wasn't pushing too hard, but the bottom line is that Z wasn't ready to do what I thought we'd do. She couldn't trailer alone or load first. It's just something we need to work on. Meanwhile, time got so short that we weren't going to make it.

Canceled on Deb and rode around the neighborhood instead. Walked the whole way. Z wanted to move but I insisted she stay calm and walk. We went about 4 miles, nothing big, but it was nice to be out.

Did some frog maintenance and White Lightening gel on both mares after the ride.

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