Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pity party and trimming

Arrrgghhhh! The wind is really tough this Spring. We had gusts to 40mph today. I don't worry about my horses in the wind as they handle me on their backs in the wind fine. But, I just wasn't happy about the wind and decided to get some things done in the barn instead.

So, I started trimming. I got Gem done and his hooves have the nicest concavity they've had since I bought him. I know it's because of all the riding we're doing. Fantastic feet!

I cleaned up some, prepped horses for manure samples for worm tests (before realizing I don't have any fecal sample packs -oops!), and just sort of milled about.

Let Gem out so he could run around on his fresh trim on the dry packed track. I put Starlet in his run and stall for now. I'll move horses around tonight for the snow coming in.

I shouldn't ever complain, I am living my dream. Sometimes though, the wind just becomes irritating.

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