Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rain and Z on the trail

I was ready to meet Deb at Hidden Mesa. Z however, was not.

She'll always load for me into the trailer because she's obedient. However, she's not confident and she worries enough sometimes that I just have to abandon mission. Today, i really wanted to get a training ride done so she'd be ready for the upcoming endurance ride. However, once in the trailer she told me she just couldn't really handle it. Now, I was late! The human in me tried to emerge, but luckily the horsewoman in me triumphed. I knew what the remedy was - get Rain and pony her on the trail. Z gets a trailer buddy, Rain gets some exercise.

Luckily, Rain is happy to go so she loads right up and Z immediately sighed. Poor Z.

The ride was good - fast and Z was a true trail warrior like always. Rain however, was not into the whole "fast moving on the trail" thing and I had a tight lead line some of the time. That's one of the things that makes Rain amazing - she's in no hurry. That's also one of the reasons I added an Anglo-Arab to my herd. :-)

At the end of the ride, Z was showing some odd signs of trouble with urination. This didn't seem like estrus. I'll have the vet out to check on her. We went about 7.5 miles and she started acting funny right around the 7 mile mark.

Lexy wouldn't load at the trail head after the ride, so I dropped her off for Deb. She'd had a rough ride over, so Lexy and Deb will have to continue developing Lexy's trailer confidence. I know that story well.

Fun day!

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