Sunday, July 27, 2008

Arena and Trail

I spent the day cleaning house and by the time my husband got home from baseball (6pm-ish), I was ready to get out of the dumb house! My daughter wanted to ride, too. Badly. So, I did my barn chores with Kendall's help and then tacked up Rain for Kendall to ride in the arena. Kendall just keeps talking about jumping. She wants to jump high jumps! Oye. So, I told her to first see if she and Rain could communicate in the arena and asked that she and Rain ride the rail for a lap. Well, Rain quickly forgot she had a rider on her back and wanted to stand with me. I left the arena and figured I'd get Z and practice some things. That didn't work out - Rain just wasn't into what Kendall was trying to get her to do. Kendall eventually got frustrated and went in the house. I didn't know how to help her and after a full weekend with her and a long ride the day before, I was a little burned out with helping her get better.

She needs her own instructor. Maybe Dennis. I'll ask him this week.

Anyway, I worked with Z on jumping the barrels and she was a total rock star! I was so impressed. I had her jumping just 1 barrel for the first time. Typically, she'll go around it or avoid it or simply refuse. Tonight, she had no issues. I haven't asked for her to do that in weeks so something must be going right for us.

With Kendall inside, I decided to take off on my own!! Whooo-hooo!! Z, Deuce and I headed out and it was already 7:45pm. I ran the first 30 mins, getting my own exercise, then hopped on Z for some trot work. We worked on trotting diagonals and were getting something nice together. I don't know if I'm supposed to change diagonals, too. Have to ask Dennis this week. We cantered some, also. I tried to ask for vertical flexion up and down some of the hills. I got off after a while and walked some more, too. It was just a nice night and I was really happy to be riding alone for the first time in a couple weeks. I love Kendall dearly, but riding alone is something I've come to really appreciate and I've been missing it.

We got home about 9:30 and it was pretty dark. Steve was starting to worry about me and came out to the barn. I was a happy girl and I was brushing my horse. I was in a much better mood than when I'd left 2 hours earlier. It's great to know Z can handle riding in the dark and it's so nice when the days are so hot to wait for evening and cooler air.

A good way to end the weekend. Tomorrow, I'll get Gemini moving around some more.

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