Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend at Grand Lake

Had a fantastic weekend with some friends and horses at the Winding River Resort in Grand Lake. I took Z and Rain. I wanted to take Gemini, but his leg wound made that impossible. I was able to take Kyle on 2 long rides and Delaney on one. Kendall, Brook and Lilly all got a nice long ride with Kyle, Marcy and I leading the horses. I rode a couple times with Dave as well. We took some great pics.

The grass was so green there and I took my horses to graze often. I like to listen to them munching on green grass. We also crossed a huge, deep river on ever trail ride and I wish I had pics of that! My shoes got wet each time.

My horses were kept a little far away, behind the ranch barn and I didn't like that so much. They did ok, but I kept them tied to the trailer near our cabin more often than in their paddock. They both did very well and managed the trail riding beautifully. I tried some new boots on Z, the Cavello's. They were great on the front, but rubbed the back pasterns quite a bit. There's a sleeve I can use to keep them from rubbing and I'll try that next. They are definitely much easier to get on and off, which was a welcome change and they seemed to stay on ok in mud and water. I'm keeping my mind open. I do really like the EasyBoot Bares, but they are difficult to get on and off Z's back feet, where she can be a little defensive and unwilling.

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