Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Prepping for Video with Z

We played on the 45' out front and things were going ok. Practiced backup up the hill quite a bit and maintaining the requested gait on the 45 while we floated around the front pasture.

Then we played with liberty with 2 sticks in the round pen. Two sticks is a lot for Z. She gets worked up and I'm sure I'm doing too much. At one point, she broke to a trot without my asking and I went to tag her. She scurried and lost her footing and he legs slipped under the round pen rails. Dang it!!

She got a nasty cut on her leg and her feelings hurt. I was sorry - too much pressure for Z. Live and learn! I make mistakes and I get better. Just hope I don't hurt my horses while I learn. Double dang it.

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