Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dennis - July 15th

It was a much better lesson than the week prior. Z and I were much better together, I was much better for her and she was in a much better place. We've had some good times of undemanding time, ground driving, teaching to bow, and better riding and today with Dennis we put it all together nicely. I was really glad, the hard lessons stick with me and although I wasn't beating myself up so much, I like to end a lesson feeling like a winner - which I didn't last week.

We worked on doing things at a walk and trot and did not do any canter exercises. Our qtr turns on the haunches were much better, we rode the rail better than ever and I was using the casual rein correctly.

I used the cradle bridle for the first time with Dennis and I'll try it again next lesson.

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