Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Night Riding

With all the horse chores I have these days, I have to be careful not to put off riding too long. Otherwise, I end up riding in the dark! Like tonight... I left the house around 8pm. Yeah, summer is here and days are long but 90 mins just isn't enough time on the trail. I just took Z out and planned to bring Duece only, but somehow Kahli decided she wanted to come too. I was surprised she found us because we cantered away. Kahli caught us about a mile down the trail. She was cute, but her legs can't support the long trail rides I do. So, I only did a 5 mile ride at a walk pace. Z and I worked on half-passing, stopping and backing, and a nice fast walk. There's always something to practice, so I didn't mind going slow for Kahli.

I got off and ran for about 20 mins and Z did a great job of keeping the line loose and slowing down or speeding up with me. I was also so happy because I found my sunglasses from the Gemini accident trail ride 2 days ago! Yay!!

Our half-pass is going nicely. We will start working on it in the arena at the trot. It's easier on the trail where she has her druthers, but in the arena we have to be more disciplined. Things are less interesting, so I have to keep her motivated. We also need to start working on the counter-arc. This week, I want to start really practicing great circles. I'll get some of my small cones out and start building the circle to the canter. That will be critical for us for some of the other tasks. I'm also thinking to put a poster up for myself with the tasks that need to be together and the ones that can be single. Maybe I can send in a single once in a while. :-) Gotta keep submitting! Time for another video to make it's way to Pagosa.

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