Sunday, July 13, 2008

Quick Playtime with Z

Busy freakin day, as usual. I took Nancy to Indian Creek for her first trail ride with Capaill. I enjoy Indian Creek and consider it one of the best rides around. It was going to be a big ride for Nancy and it seemed like the best place to go. It was a fantastic day, not too hot and things went fine. I ended spending most of my time on Nancy's horse and her saddle wasn't a good deal for me. However, I enjoy just being with the horses outside and on a trail in beautiful Colorado.

After unloading and spending a bit of time with the kids, I managed to spend about 40 mins with Z on the 45. She was much better than usual about maintaining the trot up and down the hills. She typically breaks into canter and we've been working on her maintaining gait on the 45. That's been going better. Her back up up the hill is better and lighter and more responsive. We also worked on floating around the front pasture. At the end, we worked on the bow in the round pen. I constantly struggle (as we all do, I'm sure) with knowing when I'm being too hard or too soft. I decided to ask with a little more pressure than I have in the past and her knee touched the ground for the first time. That was a big step. Whoo-hooo!

We'll work on that much more over the coming weeks and try to finally wrap it up. We also did just a little stick to me as I try to be sure that our draw stays in tact. A good, short session with my mare.

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