Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 1 with Kime

Bareback - once with Kime, once alone, getting much more fluid. With Kime, she has the 22' line and she's asking Z over cavalettis, in tight circles, quick transitions between gaits, etc... It's much harder than riding Z bareback alone. I also did a lot of zone 5 driving with Z. Her turn to the outside needs a little more work, but she was able to stay pretty far ahead. We were driving from zone 5 with the 45 so I was able to get 20-30 ft behind her. However, the turn to the outside was tough if it was away from the barn and the other horses. I'd creep close, make the turn, then move back. We'll keep practicing.

Tina: we worked on playing over obstacles, loading into trailer (large and small), standing on pedestal, change of direction, she is so much calmer and better!! Is it the sessions of not riding or is it the magnesium? Or both??

She was awesome. She was a horse that I'd ride - calm and thinking.

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