Sunday, May 16, 2010

Greenland - and finding time to relax and enjoy

I made a new trail riding friend a couple weeks ago and we decided to meet for an adventure. I've been working very hard, motivated to progress, working long hours with my day job and I decided to take a day off from progression and just relax with my horse on the trail. My husband says I don't do that enough - I'm always reaching some goal. That's just how I'm wired. I'm always progressing and motivated to be better or get better results. It was tough to let everything else go and just ride a trail, but I did it.

Z doesn't appreciate trailering alone and I was a little concerned that I'd be asking too much of her. She loaded fine though, but coming and going. She was eating in the trailer and she seemed ok. She unloaded calmly as well. So, I'm assuming it was a challenge she could handle.

We went about 6 miles at Greenland and we walked basically the whole way. We talked a lot and our horses got to relax and eat grass often. Z has an amazing fast walk and the Thoroughbred we were with could not keep up at all. Actually, I don't think she cared to either. :-) Z just likes to cover ground and I love that about her. She's got the need for speed and so do I. So walking for 6 miles was good for both of us. She was relaxed, easy going (usually) and was happy to lead or follow. We had a great time talking about our horse experiences and our plans for the future. I enjoyed it immensely!

This coming week is all about relatives flying in from out of town for Kyle's graduation and making sure the house is ready, we are ready, the food is bought, the plans are made... Kendall also has her birthday party Thursday night, so it's just an action-packed week. I expect to get very little horse time this week, but that's ok. I miss the horses when I don't have time with them, but I could probably use some thinking time too.

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