Thursday, May 6, 2010

Playing with the Boys and the end of an Abscess

I also agreed to put some rides on Cowboy for Chrissy. She isn't riding him right now and she'd like him to get some time under saddle. I'm happy to do it, so I played with him on the ground for a while before mounting. I need to know he's going to view me as the leader before I mount and ride. We played for a while and he had some interesting ideas about things. At one point, he kicked out at me while squeezing between me and a panel. He stopped to eat grass in the middle of the squeeze! I touched him and he got defensive. He and I need to get to a better place and we will over the next couple weeks while I ride him. I did ride him for a bit after the ground work and we just worked on soft things like moving the fore and hind and lateral flexion. He was doing great so I decided to quit there. Good boy!!

I played with Gemini and was thinking to ride him. The weather was moving in and by the time I finished riding Cowboy it was starting to rain. Darn! So, I'll ride Gem after the clinic this weekend.

Tina's abscess is behind her now. Now she just has to safely heal the opening in the coronary band from the bacteria moving out of the hoof. I'm so happy it worked out well by soaking her and buting her for pain for 2-3 days. Much better than the hole the vet would have poked in her hoof. She's ready to hit the clinic with me this weekend.

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