Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Hoof Abscess

Tina developed an abscess and it started last night. I decided last night to tuck her into a stall because I didn't understand at first why she was acting lame so I decided to watch her, bute her, and check her again in the morning. This morning I realized she must be abscessed because there was nothing else wrong with her left hind leg. She had one I believe about 9 months ago so I'm wondering why she's gotten one again. Researched this and it seems that there are 100 opinions out there among professionals. I'm going to a 2-day clinic this weekend and I'd like to take her. To help clear the abscess, I immediately did a White Lightening soak and buted her again. I then soaked her again in the evening. I'll soak her once or twice tomorrow. Soaking her in White Lightening helps the hoof absorb the anti-bacterial agents in the soak and fight the infection. Typically, this soaking helps the horse clear the infection quicker so I had my fingers crossed. I was against calling in a vet, who would put a hole in her hoof to drain the bacteria and introduce a large risk of secondary infection. I'm also wondering if the SmartCalm product is helping her relax - hard to tell with the abscess. She's been on it for 4 days now.

I also soaked Gems hinds tonight as they looked like a little thrush was settling in.

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