Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Prepping for a Trail Competition with KK

KK and I planned to ride today, but the wind was absolutely ridiculous. We started to leave the property and I asked her if we could stay home and ride instead. This way, we could ride behind the barn and have some wind block. We started to work on obstacles! I taught KK how to get Rain to sidle to the fence/mounting block so she can mount herself. She loved learning that! Then we played over the teeter totter, the bridge, the pedestals... She handled Rain very well and I was able to drop her a few more hints on handling the reins more easily and helping Rain understand what KK wants.

We spent some time in the arena working on the cloverleaf patter at the trot. KK was able to take Rain tight around the corners and they looked great together! I'm proud of them both.

Z did well for me while I focused on KK. I was able to practice transitions and bridleless riding with Z while helping KK out. Pretty cool.

I also decided to put Tina back with the herd. She's had 3 soaks now. She's standing still too much in her stall and her left hind is starting to stock up. I knew it would help her move the abscess if she was moving her leg vs standing still on it. She's better off with the herd, feeling safe and getting the blood flowing.

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