Thursday, June 3, 2010

Coaching, Colt starting and Undemanding time

Z asleep at car window - so cute. I stopped in the driveway in the car, she came over and stood next to the window while I was on my conference call. She feel asleep and her nose was resting on the door frame. Her head got heavier and heavier and rested on her upper lip until her teeth were showing as her upper lip got all scrunched up from the pressure. Her lower lip was hanging down. I wish I had a picture!

Rio and Kris - great session helping her learn the basics of disengaging and backing from the ground. A little riding - helping Kris be more relaxed.

Soaked Z's right hind - seems a little scratches was developing from the wet spring and I can't seem to get ahead of it with topical ointments.

Chrissy and Cowboy - they are doing great! More progression- she's riding on her own and finding a very deep and relaxed seat. So great.

Tina, slightly swollen leg from a kick or something. A small cut too. I cold hosed her and treated her and and we did some slow mounted walking in the round pen. I stayed on for only 15-20 mins so not to aggravate her small leg wound. She was calm and relaxed - a nice short session.

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