Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tina and Rain

Nice work with Tina! She was much softer in her body for the turns today and had a much nice forward response. We worked on follow-the-rail and figure 8's seeking suppleness (is that a word?). A nice ride on a cool, breezy and sunny day.

Hopped on Rain with plans to soften her up. She's been ridden mainly by Kendall for a while and she's become quite bracey from Kendall's young hands. She had no response to lateral flexion at first and truly felt like she swallowed a 2x4 and it was stuck in her neck! Ackk! She was much better by the end of the ride. We also worked on the bridge obstacle as that's been causing her some challenges. She's been fearful of the footing on the bridge. KK rides her this weekend at our first CTC, so hopefully this riding session helped Rain be easier for KK. I'll do it again tomorrow.

Chrissy hopped on Cowboy and rode the front with me. They were doing very well! Cowboy has a bad habit of snatching grass and as Chrissy's leadership develops, that will improve. For now, she's getting through her fears and doing a bang-up job of it. Proud of her.

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