Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tina Progresses

Another great day with Tina! We worked on turning, stopping and backing. I walked out planning to ride her without Chrissy on the line, but I changed my mind as I was mounting. I'm working very hard to not let my confidence get blown by something happening. We circled Chrissy and did several changes of direction, stopping, bending on the circle, keeping her on the circle with outside rein. She was calm and gentle and it went beautifully. Very progressive day.

Chrissy then warmed up and tacked up Cowboy. She didn't need me today at all. I put some cones in the pen so that she could work on figure 8 with Cowboy vs riding the boring rail. She just did so well and her seat was solid and deep. Cowboy is giving her just what she needs by being lazy and slow. She's practicing passive persistence and keeping him forward whenever he stops.

Wish I could do more today but maybe tomorrow. Feeling great about the progress for both Chrissy and me.

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