Monday, June 28, 2010

Our first CTC

Day 1 - Phew, Z did the Piaffe for about 10 miles. :-) Rain and KK didn't have a great day either. We ended up pulling out. First KK, then me as I was just not feeling right about leaving KK.

Day 2 - OK, this is more like it. We finished and had a great time! KK got a blue ribbon (made her weekend) and Z and I took a 2nd place for our group. The ride had very few participants, but it was nice to see one all the way through. I still had to hold Z back most of the time and I had to scratch my head and ask myself... is this fair to Z? Should I just go back to endurance and ride this horse like she wants to be ridden and compete with her like she was bred to compete?

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