Monday, June 14, 2010

A gorgeous night!

Tonight, I hopped on Z and supported Chrissy on her journey. She was ready to ride her boy and I hung close by to give guidance and help her feel safe. We started in the arena and the next thing you know, Chrissy wanted to hit the property and the trail. Wow! Now THAT's a leap!

We went down the driveway and down the dirt road. The grass is tall so the horse's munched a lot and we took it slow. Z was happy for a slow, grass eating ride. Chrissy did so great! Her horse is really helping her along too. It's wonderful to watch the progression.

Then, I tacked up Miss Tina for some riding. We did more turning, halt, back, forward off my leg. I mounted off the block and she sidled up to it beautifully. It was a wonderful session with comfort and calmness. We had lots of puddles and the footing wasn't great so I kept her at the walk.

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