Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ellis Clinic Notes - Rough Draft

Natural horses - look for the comfort. Normal horses look to get out of trouble or avoid an angry human.

Focus on where you want the horse to be, not on getting the horse to get there.

Muscles along his spine are as sensitive as the inside of his mouth or his genitals

Don't release until the horse gets to where I asked him to go/be.

Pick spots on the circle to get a good circle. Make each spot on the circle more comfortable than the last.

Only disengage if I need to regain control. Otherwise, just bring energy down.

We did focusing on the feet from the ground.

Gem still calling when tied, but had a good morning.

Turns at the trot - teardrop turns along the rail.

Teardrop - circle the drop shape, canter out of it along the rail. Bowties.

Larks lesson

Bit figiting. 12-18 months after the first time they wear a bit, or if things are stressful.

Slap ur leg when the horse is by the gate - make it undesirable.

Breathe in as you make your way to the focus point, breathe out when u get there.

Refind bowties vs freestyle bowties. Use a supporting rein on the inside for refined. Otherwise use the direct all the way through the turn.

Day 3 - circling by cod every time the horse isn't circling correctly. Huge change in gem.

We moved from cone to cone.

Afternoon - all abt moving the hind with the stick. Then moving the hind off the rail, the leads by moving the hind off the rail. Quick backups to the center.

Watched dave and kristins horse.

Jimmy williams, look him up.

Day 4-

Precision pen and 8 bends. Gem did pretty well. Used my stick to support my leg as much as possible.

The top half controls the front, the bottom half controls the hind.

Bar of soap analogy for squeezing energy from a horse.

From day 2: move the whole horse, move the zones, move the feet in isolation when you can advance.

Afternoon - shoulders in, haunches in.
Shoulder exercise: move the shoulders off for 15- 20 ft, then let the horse go off the rail until they're straight. Should take 2-3 steps to get straight. Then sidepass back to the rail. We did 1/2 turns from the shoulder in - follow the bend of the horses neck into a 1/2 circle, then once facing the rail go straight.

Hauches in- hind off the rail with the nose to the rail and the walk straight back to the rail. Much easier than shoulders in.

Gem was a little dull to my leg. Answer: use my stick in 4 phases. Phase 4 should be firm enough to get my horse to the next gait. This helped Gem a ton and he became much more responsive to my leg.

Did the precision pen with Gem at the canter and he got quite responsive. I was pleased with him and spanked him into a fast canter/gallop with no concern of him bucking. It was cool.

Watched Patsy and Annie get private lessons.

Day 4 was great with gem. He's starting to trust me.

Reins - partial disengagement and loping off. Neutral lateral rein.

Day 2 - figure 8's and teaching the horse to focus with me.

Day 5 - on 22s. Worked on refining our ask and use "its coming"! Concept.

Then riding. This was hard. We worked on direct rein in rhythm with the feet. We also time the indirect rein with the inside fore so the timing matched the footfall better.

When uve asked for the turn witha direct rein, go back to a neutral rein in the turn. He should be on the bend of the circle from the first step and neutral reins mean don't change.

We did a lot of riding with the suspension rein and timing it to the footfall of the inside fore for direct rein movements and the outside fore in prep for haunches in.

I thought this was a tough day.

Jodi talked to me abt zones within zones and trying to move my energy towards my horse in a way to got him moving nicely in isolation.

Keep my rein hand over the mane line!! This was hard.

Watched Lisas lesson on cantering the precision pen so that the horse would have less opposition reflex at the trot.

Had an amazing lesson with Dave on teaching Gem to move into the bit from behind. That was very cool. Pushing the hind into the fore and releasing it at a specific point. Asking for transitions just as the hind was moving into the fore

Afternoon note: using step 7 to get a feel, then ask for a transition and immediately butterfly to 0. Teaching the horse to hunt comfort of a casual rein by doing the transition.

Supporting talks to the diagonal hind

Some days play with teach control, some reinforce refine. Hunt the comfort some, refine others.

Practice the 8 bends and asking the horse to move in a counter arc along the rail.

Dave demoed with gem. Gem was so thoughtful.

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