Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tina and Gem

Rode Tina and for the first time, really felt like I needed to start expecting way more from her. She felt like she was getting overly confident (what a total turn-around from 4 months ago). I had to effectively ask her for forward where previously she'd move forward with just a suggestion from my seat. I also felt her getting a little heavy to my leg cues that we've built. So, next session I will be "upping my game" and ask for more. She's getting too comfortable with the way I'm asking and I need to get her lighter as we go.

On the other hand, she's a safer and safer horse all the time! I like that for the job she'll do for her owner. I don't want her dull of course, but I like that her inclination is to be relaxed and less forward. I do want her "whoa" to equal her "go", so we'll keep building.

I also rode Gem tonight and focused on passenger lesson after a good ground warmup session. He did nicely on the ground, so I did 21 minutes of just trot in whatever direction he wanted. He just had to maintain the trot. After about 10 mins, I added transitions between trot and canter, while still not steering him. It allows him to relax and focus on the transition. Passenger lesson is very good for Gem.

I'm feeling great about Gem and his progression. He's coming along nicely and should be just fine for the clinic in 2 weeks.

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