Monday, August 2, 2010

Gem online

Left the property and worked on the ground with Gem. I wanted to see how upsetting it would be for him to leave the herd. We went to the neighbors and played on the 45' line. He actually showed a bit of tension, but worked well for me anyway. He got a little more dominant as we headed near the herd and I had to correct his behavior a few times as I asked for sideways to the left along the rail, a half circle and then sideways to the right along the rail the other direction. He was persistant about wrapping around and heading home and nearly got away from me at one point. However, we played with that until he abandoned the idea of and stopped leaving me, mentally. I didn't have his mind sometimes, but I knew how to get it - which was a good experiment.

Work went late, so I started late and then rain came before I could ride Tina. It's ok, I had a good night with Gem and I'll be on Tina first tomorrow. Because of the rain, I took Gem into the barn and trimmed him. He was a little upset in the barn w/o the herd, but he did ok for trimming.

Need to trailer Gem away, alone, and see how upsetting that is for him. We'll see. Excited to truly develop him finally! :-)

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