Monday, August 16, 2010

Starlet is here!

A friend who's had an amazing Thoroughbred mare gave her to me. Her daughter has ridden this mare for years and they've never gotten along great. I've always thought highly of this horse and even temporarily traded Gem for a few months a couple years ago.

She was on her way to another home and turned out not to be right for the new home, so I'm keeping her. She'll have a ton to teach me and her athleticism will make her a fun challenge! Looking forward to playing with her and seeing what she offers!

She had pretty agressive shoes on (clips, pads, wedges). I remember her feet being pretty good, but the shoes have given her contracted heels and and her shape showed extremely high heels and long toes. We pulled the shoes that night and gave her initial trim to get her going. She wasn't sore - a good thing.

I'll let her settle in a bit and then get started with her. Exciting!

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